What an amazing thing.

Some of you may have experienced having a bond with your horse, actually I’m almost certain that you have, even if you didn’t know it. It may not be until you have sold them and moved on that you realise how much of a bond you had. It may be there straight away, or you may have to work on it. However once you have got it, it’s there to stay and will allow you to grow as a team.

I’ve had 5 horses now, and I can’t say that I bonded with them all straight away, it definitely took some time. I’m going to share with you my three top tips which I found have helped me personally 🙂

1. Be consistent

When it comes to achieving that unbreakable bond, being consistent is probably one of the most important things. It’s no use just going to see your horse a couple of times a week as they need to get used to you as their main person. You need to be certain to have that one-on-one time so that they know that you are their boss and to do as you say. They need that regularity and consistency otherwise they may get confused. Also being consistent with your timings and activities will help, as horses love routine.

2. Spend time with your horse

This may not be through riding, it could be through things such as grooming, hand grazing, massaging and feeding (there’s nothing like a little food bribe!) These are all things that will allow that bond to grow as you are showing affection and care towards your horse which they like.

The bond

3. Be patient and kind

It’s probably not just going to happen over night, it will take time. So be patient with your horse as they are living animals and probably won’t cope with being bombarded very well. By showing your kindness towards them, it can help to open up their trust with you allowing that bond to grow. This could be as simple as giving them a treat as a reward. However I would advise you be firm but fair, not too patient and kind, as you don’t want them to think that they are the boss!


So these are my top tips to achieve that amazing bond with your horse.


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