Oh my goodness!

There are many different sayings and words that those people who don’t know much about horses say, and to be honest I find them quite funny (although some comments are very annoying). I am going to share with you the top 8 that I personally come across on a day to day basis.

1. ” So at what age does a pony become a horse?”

It doesn’t. It just doesn’t.

2.”Do you have to look after your horse every day?”

Well surprisingly, yes, they don’t like standing in their poo with no food or water all day.

3.”Why does it take you so long?”

It takes so long because you have to feed, muck out, exercise, and most importantly, have a good old natter.

4.”What’s he called?”

When in fact SHE is called…

5.”That’s not a sport.”

It most certainly is a sport it’s in the olympics for starters. You don’t ‘just sit there’, it can actually be quite a workout. If not the riding, the mucking out and trudging a wheel barrow full of manure up a steep hill is.

6.”Eww that smells!”

What smells? I can’t smell anything.

7.”What’s your pony called?”

It’s a horse! Not a pony.

8.”Do you want me to feed her some straw and put her blanket on?”Β 

The terminology is just brilliant, gets me every time.








*Disclaimer – By no means am I trying to be offensive or rude to any non equestrians out there, I am just expressing my own experiences.


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