Do you love to watch horses on the cross country course? Or do you just love to have a laugh?

Well, fence judging may just be the thing for you.


When the cross country courses open and the eventing season starts, fence judging is probably one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. Hearing all of the hilarious comments that come from the riders and watching everyone’s techniques is really quite a site (especially when it’s a hunter trial!). From the ‘Come on you bugger’ to the ‘Tally-ho’s’, it really is entertaining.

jump and car

Whether you are a rider that would benefit from finding out all of the rules and how it is judged, or just simply looking for a way to fill up a free day, I strongly recommend volunteering to be a fence judge. Especially if you do some of the well organised ones where they include food! Starting you off with a scrumptious bacon roll for breakfast and then a continuous flow of tea, coffee and cakes all throughout the day.


From the comfort of your own car, you have a good excuse to sit and eat all day with the greatest entertainment of all. You get so into it, that you end up riding the horse with the rider!ย If only there was a GoggleBox for fence judging, you would be able to relive the ‘hearts in your mouth moments’ when the horse double takes or gets in deep. Working a juggling act between the stopwatch, pen, score pad and whistle, it really is tense! However, it is a fantastic day, seeing the event from a complete different perspective.

One to be enjoyed by all.

Even my little dog loves it!

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