Oh how exciting!

There aren’t many things out there that is more exciting than getting your new horse.

It all starts with the preparation before they even get there. Getting their stable all ready and going shopping for things such as rugs, head collars, treats, you name it. (It’s a brilliant excuse to spend some extra pennies, even though you’ve just spend a LOT of pennies).

The exhilaration that runs through your body when the horse takes it’s first steps off the lorry and into it’s new home, is all very thrilling although can be a bit nerve wracking. However, it’s always good nerves as you are able to start a new chapter.


For some horses it only takes a matter of hours to settle in, whereas some others it can take a lot longer. However, I believe that to help them get settled in, showing them around is a good starting point, and then perhaps turning them out or putting them in a turnout pen is a good idea, to let them have a good nosey around out in the open. I also like to give them a lovely long groom to work on the bond and to get them to know that you are their new owner. (Go over and have a read of ‘The bond’  to find out more about that).

Whilst getting them used to their new home there are usually a lot of other tasks to complete before you are fully set to go. Things such as making sure that their vaccinations are all up to date, teeth are in good condition, back isn’t sore, getting them shod, and finding some tack that will fit (unless they come with it). Also I try to do everything with them within the first month, hacking, flatwork, jumping, and taking them out to a competition or a lesson. This can be quite daunting at first as you may not be certain what they will behave like, but it is definitely more exciting than anything.

For what ever reason it is that you are getting a new horse whether it be your first one or just the next size up, it really is a lot of fun and a fresh new start.



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