How to spot an equestrian

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It couldn’t be easier!

I don’t know about you, but spotting an equestrian in a non horsey environment isn’t too difficult. I’m going to share with you 10 ways that instantly give it away.

walking down the yard

1.The click

Slow walkers, drivers and cyclists just give us the urge to click them on.

2.  A muddy car

What’s the point in cleaning it when it will only go and get dirty again?

3. Proper wellies

We need good sturdy wellies as they go through a lot! They should also have at least some trace of mud on them.

muddy wellies.jpg

4. Hay in hair 

There is always that annoying piece of hay that decides to land in your hair.

5. Chipped / dirty nails 

Freshly manicured nails just don’t last!

6. The smell

The very distinctive ‘horse smell’ that lurks on us, but that we can’t actually smell ourselves.

7. The messy bun

We don’t have time to do our hair nicely, we have horses to go and do!

Messy bun

8. A car that has turned into a mobile tack room

We may just need it!

9. Jodphurs  

Why bother changing, when we will only have to change back again?

10. Long socks  

Pulled up over our jodphurs just, because.


So next time you go out, keep an eye out for some of these signs, and see if you can spot an equestrian.




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