As we are approaching, if not in the midst of exam season, I thought it would only be right to post a piece about the horse/exam life balance. Whether you are taking SATs, GCSEs, A levels or something else it can be very difficult to fit your horse in around this time.

Knuckling down on all of your revision and actual exams is extremely stressful, which is why I believe that having a break to go and do your horse is a very good solution. For me, having that break completely brought my stress levels down and relaxed me (sounds silly I know, but it’s true). Not only that, it also made me more motivated and ready to do some more revision.

Revision notes

I found that making a timetable was very helpful, as I could then plan what I was going to do when, and made sure that I didn’t miss anything out. I put about an hour and half aside each day for my horse, but you could reduce or increase that depending on when your exams are. Below is an example of a timetable that I made for my GCSEs.


Everyone likes to revise in a different way, some like to do an hour then have a 10 minute break then do another hour and so on, and some don’t like any breaks. However, I find that breaks little and often really do help to keep me focused as well as the odd day off every now and then doing something completely different.

If you are about to start your exams, or in the middle of them GOOD LUCK and don’t stress too much over them. Also, go and spend some quality time with your horse, it does help πŸ™‚




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